Jamie Hutson: Future Vision

Contributor:  Jamie Hutson

I have a variety of thoughts on where the future is heading but I feel most strongly about the potential/danger of the Google world (officially Google Lively), becoming a bio-metrically regulated, truly realistic metaverse – not unlike the matrix. I joke with my girlfriend that I’m “plugging in” when I put my headphones on and work late online, but I feel as if we will see similar situations in our lifetime. The advent and proliferation of accelerometers, the growing intelligence of artificial inteligence and the increasing rate of technological advancement all have us barrelling towards some development that takes control of our lives beyond the control of its creator.

As Google grows in its influence and world position and “organizes all the worlds information” it literally contains the existing internet/world on its servers; Google is essentially becoming the “Global Seed Bank” of information. This topic becomes particularly cogent after the recent public introduction of Google Lively. Google’s (or any of a slew of different companies) virtualization* *of the physical world and the creation of such a virtual world combined with a push towards inteligent computers, the semantic web, and the increase of human efficiencies could very well be leading us towards a world where we communicate passively in our heads, plugged in to the net, holding virtual meetings across the world (or perhaps across worlds). Will we make business trips from our consoles, will we take tours of the Great Wall from our living rooms, or will we be taken over by this technology and thus lose our attachment to the physical world?

** While “Don’t be evil” may be their corporate slogan, you can never trust a HAL 9000. It may be many years ahead of us but I look forward anxiously and apprehensively to that technology.

All views, comments and thoughts expressed above are entirely the creation of Jamie Hutson.


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