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FutureMeme is for everyone to contribute. I vet every single document that comes in to make sure it’s not SPAM. Please see below for contact/contribution details:

To Contribute

Include the following: Your full name, email address, website URL, and content (essay, thoughts, etc), and a statement declaring that the content you sent to us are your own – they are not plagiarized. Without the statement, we cannot post. Simple.

Once you have everything in an email form or document (.doc preferred), please email it to

Within 96 hours, I will send you a note stating that I’ve received the document and whether or not it checks out OK.

To Contact Us

All inquiries can be routed through Darren Herman at darrenherman at gmail dot com and will do my best to get back to you ASAP.  Alternatively, you can call 646-495-9204 x 53859 and leave a message.


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