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World Future Society: Top Technology Predictions (2006)

The World Future Society has released a list of its top ten technology forecasts for the next 25 years. Gleaned from the pages of THE FUTURIST magazine as well as other sources, the forecasts explore the key business and tech trends that are shaping the future, today.  Interestingly, the only negative item among the top ten, weapons of mass destructions, is listed as a nanotechnology-enabled risk.

Among the society’s findings:

#1: Hydrogen fuel cells will be cost competitive by 2010. By 2012, fuel cell power is expected to cost around $400 per kilowatt-hour. Fuel cells will power cars and allow each home to have its own non-polluting electricity generator.

#2: The era of the Cyborg is at hand. Researchers in Israel have fashioned a “bio-computer” using the DNA of living cells instead of silicon chips. This development may soon allow a computer to connect directly with a human brain.

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